Monday, January 09, 2006

Tested a pet stroller and had to get one for herself

Every now and then we'll get a call or e-mail from someone who is concerned that their cat or dog won't enjoy being in a stroller. We always tell people that our return is extremely low (less than 1%) and that the praise we hear from customers indicates the vast majority of pets either take to their stroller right away or adjust quickly.

Here's a message we received from Patricia, who is purchasing her own pet stroller after giving another one a try with her cats:
I ordered this stroller as a gift for my mother, who absolutely loves walking her dog in it and tells me she is able to walk much farther now with the support it offers her. Of course, before I presented it to her, I had to give it a whirl with my three cats. And now we must have one of our own. Great product! And great service, too! We are spreading the word!

Thanks Patricia! And if anyone else has comments, concerns, or questions, please do not hesitate to post them here or to contact us directly at

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