Sunday, January 22, 2006

Will my cat claw through the netting on a pet stroller?

Some months ago we were asked about whether a pet could chew through the netting on a pet stroller. Our response was, "Most of the pet strollers have such a fine netting that it really wouldn't be possible for a cat or dog to chew through it. And the pet strollers that have wider netting (such as the Kittywalk line) are constructed from durable nylon netting, so it's tough to imagine a pet biting through."

Today we received a question about whether a cat could claw through the netting, and our answer is the same--it's tough to imagine that could possibly happen. We've sold thousands of pet strollers, and we've never once heard of a cat (or dog) getting through the netting.

Hopefully that answers the question! If you have any other questions about pet strollers, please feel free to post it here or call or e-mail us.

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Anonymous said...

I too had this same concern because I am looking for a stroller for my cats - mainly so I don't have to lug them around in their carriers when they go to the vet because of back problems. They don't particularly like to leave the house & I worry the struggle at first might damage the netting. I like the mesh on the AT3, but I need the detachable of the Kittywalk line. I hope you are correct about its durability. Mine is a fiesty group!