Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Will my pet enjoy being strolled?

Sammy Jo posted the following:

I am considering purchasing a pet stroller to walk my cat. It is obvious he is interested in the outdoors, but I wonder if he will enjoy being strolled? I am interested in hearing anyone's stories or advice. My only concern is overstressing him. (He is a 2 year old, indoor cat.) Let me know what you think.

We've gotten many questions like this at our store and have received great feedback and advice from customers. First of all, I'd mention that very few pet strollers are returned, so the vast majority of pet companions find that their pets adjust very well. (And wherever you purchase your pet stroller, we'd urge you to review the store's return policy since some can be quite restrictive.)

Many pet companions indicate their dogs or cats take to the pet stroller right away, but others report an adjustment period. Some ideas to help your pet get the most from their pet stroller include:

  • Only put the pet in the pet stroller when you are taking them outside. Your pet should associate the pet stroller with the enjoyment of being out of doors rather than with being confined indoors.
  • Try leaving the pet stroller open and available to your pet with some treats inside the stroller. Let him or her explore the pet stroller and get to the treats inside. Be sure to lock the wheels so it doesn't move as your cat or dog explores it (and only consider pet strollers with lockable wheels for safety's sake).
  • Reward your pet with a treat the first couple of times you use the pet stroller.
  • Plan your first couple of trips to nearby destinations that are quieter and at times that are less busy. Let your pet get used to the new stroller experience without too much hustle and bustle.
  • As with any change to a pet's habits, be sure to give it a couple of times for him or her to adjust. We had one customer report that their dachshund was nervous the first two times they used the pet stroller, but by the second week he was waiting at the stroller when they got home from work. Even funnier is that he "acted like royalty" being pushed around in the pet stroller with his head held high.

Hope that helps. If any pet stroller users have advice based on their own pets' adjustments to the stroller, please post!


Anonymous said...

I got a Kittywalk stroller that has a detachable carrier. I left the carrier open on the floor so my cat could get use to walking in and out without the wheels. SHe even slept in it. So she was used to the carrier part by the time we started rolling the pet stroller.

Anonymous said...

At first my cats didn't like the stroller and I was worried it wouldn't work, but after three or four times they got used to it and now its the highlight of their day. I'm glad I got it!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with anonymous... my dog didn't take to the stroller at first and now he jumps right in. - Jean, Milwaukee

Devyn said...

Hi, I really want to get a stroller for my yorkie, Archie, but need to talk my dad into it (im 14 by the way so thats why i have to ask, lol) but i have a couple of those "pouches" that go on the front of you, and the dog sits in the pocket. Archie loves them! I can't even say the word pouch without him going nuts! he is in it right now sleeping. The coolest part is that i have a little electric scooter that looks like a vespa and he loves to go for rides in it with his "mama" (lol)! So, hopefully i'll get the stroller, but if i dont, i wanted to let you know that the pouches are really cool.

Pet Lover said...

Thanks for posting, Devyn. I ride a scooter, myself! I don't think my cat would like the ride, though.

The pouches are great for small pets. If you can talk your dad into a pet stroller, let us know! (Of course, if he says no don't pester him--we don't want to be the reason for a family argument!)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm really interested to know if anyone has bought a pet stroller for their rabbit? Our rabbit loves the fresh air, but for his own safety we only take him on a lead in the garden. He gets PLENTY of exercise within our home as he has the run of the house, but he loves the outdoors and doesn't like being parted from us - a pet stroller seems the perfect answer. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks very much.