Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Beware of look-alike pet strollers

We just got back from the nation's largest pet retailers show, and it appears it's official: Pet strollers are really a trend!

At the 2004 show, only one distributor was offering a pet stroller and no one walking through the exhibit hall was using a pet stroller. This year, several exhibitors showed pet strollers and we saw at least 50 pets being strolled through the tradeshow in a Kittywalk or Pet Gear Happy Trails pet stroller.

While it was exciting to see growth in this new product, we were concerned to note that cheap look-alike strollers are coming from overseas. While we at JustPetStrollers.com have nothing against low-cost pet strollers, we're concerned that consumers may purchase one thing thinking they're getting another. As with anything on the Internet, it's "Buyer Beware!"

One thing is certain: We WILL NOT offer a pet stroller in which we wouldn't trust our own pet! We've tested virtually every pet stroller on the market, and we've rejected some models as not being sturdy, safe, or living up to its promise. While it might be nice to offer a stroller for less than $50, selling an unsafe, unfunctional, or cheap pet stroller isn't the right thing for us to do for you or your pet (or for us, for that matter--we want to maintain the five-star Yahoo store rating we've received from our customers!)

We'll continue to keep our eyes open for new, exciting pet strollers, and you can count on JustPetStrollers.com to only offer products we trust, you'll find worthwhile, and your cat, dog, or other pet will love!

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