Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cat Enjoys Sun in Pet Stroller

One of the most common uses we hear for pet strollers is to permit cats to enjoy the out of doors safely. Instead of letting them roam free, which the Humane Society of the United States says is unsafe, people instead use pet strollers as a safe alternative to allow cats to enjoy sun, fresh air, and the outdoors.

Here is a photo shared by one of's customers, Gee Ekachai of Waukesha, WI. It is of her cat hanging out in his stroller on the patio.

Here is some additional information from the HSUS about the dangers of permitting cats to roam free outside:

Cats are America's most popular pets, but they are also the pets most likely to die prematurely from diseases, poisons, attacks by other animals, abuse by humans, or speeding vehicles. The reason is simple: Owners often don't realize that allowing their cat to roam outdoors can be a one-way ticket to trouble.

Millions of cats suffer and die because their owners give them free reign to roam the neighborhood. The vast majority of these owners aren't cruel or thoughtless; many love their animals as much as the rest of us. They just believe that cats are happiest outdoors.

Even cats in "safe" suburban neighborhoods can meet untimely fates and never return home. Fewer than 5% of "found" cats taken in by animal shelters are reunited with their families. That's why many shelters now require potential adopters to commit to keeping their cats safely confined and strongly recommend that cats wear collars and ID tags, and even be implanted with an identifying microchip.

To learn more, visit the HSUS's "Keep Your Cat Safe at Home" site.


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