Friday, May 29, 2009 on Catster's Cat's Meow Blog

The Cat's Meow Blog is wrapping up their pet stroller week. The blog included some information about and from that you may find of interest. For example:
I know several cats who’ve gotten their strollers through, and they have raved about the personalized customer service, low prices and fast delivery, so I’m happy to recommend them. If you have any questions at all while you’re shopping for a stroller, just shoot them an email, and they’ll reply pronto. They’ll match any low price (with a few restrictions) and shipping is free.
Karen Nichols also interviewed Augie from, and here's what she shared:

Karen: What’s your best-selling stroller, Augie?
Augie: Our best selling stroller of the past year is the one that several cats you interviewed own: the Pet Gear AT3 It’s roomy, rugged, and convenient. We’ve sold 50% more of them than our next most popular pet stroller. The ratings we get from customers are absolutely terrific.

Karen: What’s the best value stroller you have for under $100?
Augie: The one that probably suits all cats and many dogs and is also the best overall value is the Pet Gear Happy Trails. We have it at $84.99 including shipping to the continental US, and at that price it’s a very nice, reliable, sturdy, functional pet stroller. It has many of the features of more expensive pet strollers, such as a parent tray, a large basket for toys and water, and it folds for easy storage. The Happy Trails is priced just $5 more than the least expensive pet strollers we offer, and it is definitely a better, roomier stroller for the money.

Karen also shared this important tip for pet stroller buyers:

Augie Ray at has this recommendation: “People always make the mistake of paying attention to the weight limits for a pet stroller but not the dimensions. The weight limits set the upper limits for frame of the pet stroller, but the dimensions are actually much more important. We advise people to measure their pets before ordering. One tip is to use tape or newspaper to recreate on the floor the length and width of a pet stroller’s pet compartment, which can help to determine how a cat or dog will fit.”

The Cat's Meow did a GREAT job of sharing information about pet strollers and tapping the knowledge of pet stroller owners. Check out their series of blog posts about pet stroller here:


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