Sunday, May 03, 2009

Pet Stroller Helps Two Dogs--One Older, One Younger

We received some helpful and thoughtful feedback from a Pet Stroller user. She shared how and why she and her dogs use a pet stroller.

The needs and uses for a pet stroller are as varied as are dogs, cats, and their human pet companions. (Some people call them "pet owners.") Here is another purpose to add to the list--how do you walk your dogs if one of them is older and another is younger? Here is one person's solution:

My dogs like to walk together but my older one can't walk as far. With a stroller I can walk them together and when the older one gets tired he can ride in the stroller. Also to get to the walking trails we have to pass a house with a vicious dog-we have already been attacked by it once-this way they can both ride enclosed in the stroller till we get to the trails and then I can safely take them out and start our walk.

If you ever find yourself asking "Why might I want a pet stroller?", click here for some of the many reasons people have given us for purchasing a pet stroller over the years.

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