Monday, May 25, 2009

Crippled dog gets a pram

A heartbreaking but hopeful story comes from far away, out of Tasmania off of Australia. Cookie, a three-year-old shih tzu, was left without a single working leg after being rolled over by a car. He recently had one leg amputated and the remaining three are broken.

Luckily Cookie is on the mend, and his owner was happy to find a pet pram (or pet stroller) to help the dog get around. "When I went in (to buy the pram) I said 'I'm not trying to be Paris Hilton . . . I have a very injured little puppy'," Cookie's owner said.

We wish Cookie the best of luck in his recovery. To read more, check out The Mercury site. The article includes a photo of Cookie in his Happy Trails Plus Pet Stroller!

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