Sunday, July 31, 2005

Two more pet stroller ideas

A week or two ago, we listed some of the purposes for which people purchased pet strollers ( We've heard from a couple more customers and have two additional purposes to add to the list:
  • Festivals: One couple liked to take their dog to local festivals, but between the crowds, noise, and other agressive animals, they found it stressful rather than relaxing. With the pet stroller, they keep their small dog safe and the puppy still enjoys getting some fresh air.
  • Jogging: One athletic customer reported using the pet stroller while jogging. She reported that the pet stroller wheels could get wobbly at higher jogging speeds. (We expect to add a true jogging stroller to the line of pet strollers at within the next month or two.)

If you have other ideas or experiences, please share them!


Anonymous said...

I think its weird, but my sister got one and swears by it. Her dog loves it. Now I'm thinking of getting one for my dog. Will it be weird for both of us to be rolling down the sidewalk?

Pet Lover said...

Well, pet strollers are a little weird, but so are designer leashes and t-shirts for dogs--we all get a little weird about the pets (and people) we love.

Our customers report that their pet strollers and pets get a lot of attention as they stroll, but that more people find it funny or express curiosity than find it weird. Based on our experience and the comments from our customers, chances are you'll get comfortable with strolling with your sister in no time--and so will your dog!

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to second the benefits of pet strollers at festivals. I love going to festivals with my chihuahua, but they can be crowded, noisy and dirty. I used to keep Jack in a carrier, but that was so constricting. I now have a happy trails pet stroller and Jack loves it... he can lay down, play with toys, and get comfortbale. Jack and I love our pet stroller!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't have your brand of pet stroller(I just found your site) but I just have to send a comment. I ordered mine weeks ago from a catalog I have. My thoughts when I purchased it was the fact that I have 3 Yorkies and it makes life much easier when they can't run in 3 different directions! They love it! Also, when taking them to the vet I don't have to worry about them being on the floor with germs from other sick animals. After all, that's why most animals are at the vets. Your product looks like it is very well made. Much stronger than the one I already have. Nick job!

Pet Lover said...

Just wanted to say thanks to the person who posted about her three Yorkies. We welcome everyone who has or wants a pet stroller to post here! Of course, we'd love to sell our pet strollers to anyone, but we also want this blog to be a forum for everyone with a pet so that people can get the most out of their pet strollers or get their stroller questions answered.

We're glad you and your three Yorkies enjoy your pet stroller! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I didn't even know that there was a pet stroller. Thus being the inventive person I am, I bought a small "Umbrella" baby stroller, padded and lined a box that would fit in the seat, secured it, so it couldn't tip out and had the perfect ride for our ageing Chihuahua. We traveled a lot, and the stroller got lots of attention and positive comments.

Pet Lover said...

You had a pet stroller before you even knew there was such a thing!

Glad your stroller worked for you. Of course, if you ever decide to get stroller made for pets, you know where to find us!

Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

I am purchasing a pet stroller for my older shih-tzu, Billy. We are volunteers through hospice and visit nursing homes in our area to lift the spirits of the terminally ill residents. More times than not the people we visit are in wheelchairs and/or bedridden. I find it is difficult to hold him and bend down for an extended time to visit. The patients really want to pet him and pushing him right up beside the wheelchairs (and beds) will be much easier for for everyone! (and it will no longer break my back!!!) Kelly in PA

Pet Lover said...

Kelly, That is such a good idea! Let us know if it works as well as you hope--it sounds like a great use for the stroller!

We hope you and you Billy love it!

Tas said...

Just adding my 2-cents:

I just ordered a pet stroller (jogger). Why:
-I have 2 small dogs and they can't keep up with me on walks. They definitely can't keep up with my on 5-mile runs! I plan to walk them on the leashes for my 5-10 minute warm up, then put them in the stroller and run. They'll get more exercise and lot's of fresh air that they will love!
-I am going to use my new stroller to take my dogs on long roller-blade trips! I would never roller-blade with them on a leash as I'd be too worried about them getting under the wheels, and obviously they could never keep up.
-1 dog was abused before I adopted her, so she is scared on strangers. The stroller (i hope) will make her feel more safe and secure in public. She will bite people who come at her quick, so the stroller will also stop that.
-The stroller will take over as a easily portable pet taxi. I travel everywhere with my dogs, so I won't have to carry 2 taxi's - much easier when I also have 2 other suitcases to haul around!

There are many other reason's for a dog to ride in a stroller! Old dogs that can't walk well, arthritis, hip problems, recovering from surgery, etc...

Augie Ray said...

Thanks Tas. Terrific thoughts. Hope you love the pet stroller!