Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Which pet stroller is easiest to fold and store?

A common question we receive is which pet stroller is easiest to fold and store. Before we answer, we'll often ask the customer, "Which is more important--having a pet stroller that is collapsible or one that offers a detachable carrier?" The reason this is important is that pet strollers that fold the easiest do not come with detachable carriers, while the ones with detachable carriers are not the easiest to fold and store.

The easiest to fold is the Happy Trails Pet Stroller. You simple slide one button with your thumb, depress the large button on the handle, and it folds to less than 15" high. If you'd like to see a video of the Happy Trails being folded (372k, WMV), click here.

The Walk 'n Roll Pet Stroller is also easy to fold. It requires two hands, since the brackets on either side must be slipped upward to release the lock and fold the stroller to less than 10" high. The Walk 'n Roll is smaller than the Happy Trails, so the size of your pet and the amount of room your pet desires will affect which stroller you select.

The line of strollers from Kittywalk do not collapse for storage as easily as the other pet strollers. The stroller portion of the Kittywalk collapses flat (just like the other pet strollers), but the carrier portion can be collapsed only by removing a number of braces. While the other pet strollers collapse in seconds, the Kittywalk strollers require a couple minutes of effort to collapse and reassemble.

I would hasten to add that the Kittywalk pet strollers are still very recommendable--they are very sturdy, spacious, and functional. One of their primary benefits is that the carrier portion is detachable. Other plusses include the variety of sizes, styles, and colors available, the fact the stroller portion can be used without the carrier to roll groceries or other light loads, and the privacy area that permits your pet some solitude while in the pet stroller.

If anyone has any advice based on their own pet stroller purchase or evaluation, please post it!


Anonymous said...

I have a Kitty walk stoller and found the carrier is heavy and a little difficult to use. It's fine for limited use, but would never be considered a true pet carrier.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any experience using a baby stroller for pets rather than a pet stroller? I've used a regular stroller and it seems to work fine.


Pet Lover said...


We've had several customers indicate they've tried baby strollers before switching to a pet stroller. While we'd love to sell you a pet stroller (of course), our experience is that the baby stroller option is really up to you and your pet.

First of all, the size of your pet needs to be considered. Some small dogs will fit comfortably into a baby stroller, but baby strollers are made to be comfortable for babies and not pets. Pet Strollers have flat bases for pets to sit or lay, so many pets may be much more comfortable in a pet stroller.

Then there's also the consideration of safety. Pet Strollers are (or can be) completely enclosed with netting to protect your pet (both from getting out or from other animals getting in.) While many pet strollers can be used "open," having the option to close it completely can be important for certain pets and in certain situations.

Lastly, one customer admitted she didn't like the attention she receive rolling a pet in a baby stroller--most people find it a bit odd. Of course, many people find pet strollers a bit odd also, but most people on the street react to pet strollers with a mix of curiosity, questions, and humor.

So, the decision on pet stroller versus baby stroller should be based on your pet's and your preference. Feel free to visit our site (JustPetStrollers.com) for more info on the wide variety of strollers made just for pets, and please call if we can answer any specific questions.

Anonymous said...

hello, i just wanted to let you know that we saw a stroller for the first time at best buy parking lot. a lady had a pug in the stroller, i just loved it. however it is pretty pricie. we are going to attempt to make our own, my husband is pretty crafty. but i just love the idea you came up with astroller for a puppie. that is awesome!!

Pet Lover said...

Thanks for the comments about the pet strollers! Of course, we'd love to sell you a pet stroller, but good luck with your home-made stroller. I hope it works out for you and your pet, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at http://justpetstrollers.com/contact.html.

And for the record, we didn't come up with the idea. We just liked what we saw and are working closely with the best pet stroller providers to make sure we offer the best products. You mentioned they're a little pricey, but I'll caution you that we've tested some cheaper models and decided we wouldn't carry any pet stroller in which we wouldn't trust our own pet.

Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

I have the Kittywalk SUV model and the Pet Gear Happy Trails. Pet Gear wins hands down for ease of use and storage. Although my Standard Wirehaired Dachshund is only 25 pounds the KittyWalk SUV comes apart at the brace connections for the rods, and at $399.99 from DrsFoster&Smith it sits collecting dust in the garage. I have subsequently seen it priced at $299.00 on other websites.

What I like about the KittyWalk SUV is the size and the width of the stroller handle, I'm a 6' tall woman and it fits me so to speak, I find the Pet Gear Happy Trails a little awkward when pushing, because the stroller is not very wide, neither is the handle and your hands are unnaturally and awkwardly close together which feels very strange.

I would love the see the Pet Gear Happy Trails on a wider wheel base with the ability to support maybe two dogs (like a twin stroller). I'd pay $399, or more for it.

Pet Lover said...

Thanks for the comments! Glad you like the Pet Gear Happy Trails. We get a lot of compliments on it.

As you point out, there are some pluses to each stroller option. The Kittywalk SUV is bigger, and although I am only 5'6", I can see how the SUV model would be easier for a taller person.

The Pet Gear Happy Trails is simply easier to fold, which makes it desirable. I've not heard complaints about the size of the handle before, but I can see what you mean.

Interestingly, the same company that makes the Happy Trails now has a larger "all terrain" pet stroller available. Pet Gear is just coming out with the AT3 All Terrain pet stroller. We don't have it in the store yet, but we should have it within a matter of days. It would appear the handle is 2" wider than the Happy Trails, but we won't be able to confirm that until we have our first shipment.

Thanks for posting the feedback!

Pet Stroller said...

A common question we receive is which pet stroller is easiest to fold and store. Before we answer, we'll often ask the customer, "Which is more ... ppetstroller.blogspot.com